Carole Anderson, Owner   (Privacy Policy)

I started sewing many years ago on my grandmother's sewing machine. I took a two year full-time course in Fashion Design and Sewing Specialization. I subcontracted for 8 years making police uniforms and have sewn custom wool tailored suits and wedding/prom dresses for women for the last 35+ years.
I have been making doll clothes now since 2001.

I use high quality sewing practices in all my projects. I take pride in my work and strive to give my customers well made clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW to keep?

My system will only keep the items saved in your CART if you have registered an account.

Having problems registering?
I am having problems with some and accounts. If you can't register, please add my email address to your address book and try again or check your account to find errors(see below). Please send an email to me and I can register on my end. 

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SORRY = I am not accepting "most" custom or special orders at this time. I will make "minor" adjustments to the doll clothes & sizes I have listed. Email me for a list of measurement I would need to tweak a pattern. (If you can add an item to my cart, it is available to be ordered.)

How can I pay? Is your site secure?
I accept debit/credit cards and PayPal. I will also accept a personal check or money order. You can choose your option at checkout. I use either Stripe and PayPal to process my debit/credit card payments but note, you are not required to set up a PayPal account.

You will receive a confirmation of shipping when I mail your item out. You can log onto your PayPal account at any time to track the order if it has been processed. If there is no tracking information, I haven't shipped yet.

As far as security on my site. the only information stored on my site is your name, email and mailing address. I use Stripe or PayPal to process all of my debit and credit card sales. They keep and store your information for me. My site just links to them before and after you use your credit card. I don't receive any information about your card, just a payment verification.

I won't give out any personal information to anyone else, period.

Are your clothes premade and ready to ship when ordered?
No & Yes. I am a made to order business but I now sell a variety of imported doll clothes and accessories. If you choose the items that are labeled "In Stock" they will ship right away unless you order a item that has to be sewn also. Then it will ship when the item is completed.

When you select your "Made to Order" item, you may choose one of about 1000 fabrics I have in stock. I can't have every item made up in every fabric in every size. It is just not possible. This allows me to have a wide variety of fabric for you to choose. I have orders coming in every day, some small and some large. I sew in the order received as quickly as possible. Most of the year I can complete my orders in 5-10 business days. I value my work and won't sacrifice quality for speed. I strive to make my doll clothes worth the wait. My clearance items are completed and can be shipped immediately if ordered separately or with "in stock" items.

Please allow me to be imperfect. I am very good at shipping out right away with most orders. However, I am a one person business. Some days I can't get everything done. Please let me know in advance if you need something by a certain date. I am easy to work with.

Can I order matching outfits for both doll and my little girl?
I am no longer sewing for children. Unfortunately I no longer have the time available to to take on large projects.

How do I care for my dolls clothing?
You may wash and dry the clothes just as you would your own clothes. I recommend using cold water to prevent fading.

*(Wools and dressy fabrics such as satin, velvet & taffeta should be dry cleaned only.)

Who makes your clothes?
I do all my own sewing. I make each garment individually to insure quality. I am a certified fashion designer & sewing specialist with over 35 years of sewing experience.

Some items are imported and will be marked as such on the product page.

Is your house smoke-free and/or pet free?
My house is smoke and pet free.

What is your return policy?
Made to order items are generally not returnable. I will consider each request individually but will require a 15% discount of the price paid as I will have to find another buyer for color selection not their own. Clearance and other items I have in stock are returnable within 10 days of receipt. Shipping is not refundable. Clothes and accessories must not have been played with and still be in their original packaging.