12" Cabbage Patch Kid

(As the dolls age, the measurements may shift here and there. You just want your doll to be close to these measurements.)

The doll I have is from 1987. This is also a good size for the newer 12" CPK dolls on the market today and for the various 12" dolls made over the years. The dolls differ with every production run so if you have a doll that needs the clothes tweaked a bit please let me know when you order. Sorry, large scale alterations cannot be done at this time.

Length - 12 - 13"

Chest - 11"

Waist - 10.5"

Hips - 10.5"

Head Circumference - 13"

Neck - 8.25"

Arm - 2.5" (Measured from Armpit to Wrist)

Inseam - 4.5" (Measured from Crotch to Floor)

Torso - 11" (Measured from Base of Neck, Around Crotch and up to Back of Neck)